Broken Heart

You know how after your first love breaks your heart you think you’ll never love again and then you do, maybe even a few more times. And sometimes most of them don’t break your heart because you left them or then he/she left it just didn’t hurt. Then you’re with someone who you think you really love and though the relationship is on bad terms you still care for that person. Then you get blind-sided and he/she indirectly stomps on your heart and just shatters it.

The love I sat aside for you and you alone, knowing how precious and fragile my feelings were and ya just go and Well Istep on it like your finished cigarette on the pavement.  guess I really did love you cause it fucking hurts and you don’t even have the gall to try to explain what happened or even apologize for what went down. You will never get that chance again and I hope your decision was the right one because you can never go back and fix what you’ve done and I will never be capable of feelings for you again because you do not deserve an ounce of my heart and I will not let you have the chance to hurt me again. I am not a pushover and I will not lay down and take the beatings you thought were my reward for loving you.


Kindly Fuck Off,

My Broken Heart


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