Bathtub Rant

So I came upon a rant whilst in my nice hot boiling bath. (Really I was thinking about it as I was getting out and dressed).

This is my rant that I fantasize saying to the asshole the next time I see him, in this situation he is finally trying to talk to me about what happened.

Dear Fuckwad (Best Friend Who Broke My Heart),

I don’t want to hear your excuses. You had no right to throw me under the bus. If you really cared for me like you said you did then you never would have let this happen. I cannot trust you and I sure as hell can’t love you anymore. You say you’re respectful, kind, loving, mature, and not a pushover but you aren’t. You talk about how (before your gf moved in) that you would dump her at the drop of a hat just because you could but instead you lie to her and hide from her to avoid conflict. Ever since we became friends you say things but your actions betray you. You build up all these lies and false qualities that you can’t do the things you really want to and then you pay for it later. So continue your relationship with her that has been built on lies and hurting your friends because I will not let you use me to save your own ass again and you have no respect for me or my feelings.

Kindly piss off,

My Angry, Accepted, Broken Heart

P.S. Thanks for ruining my motherfucking birthday.


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