School’s Out, FINALLY!!!!

So I am 23 years old now, and I am in my last 48 hours of being a full-time student of a trade school, studying to be a Medical Biller and Coder. It is a 8 or 9ish month course with no diploma or certification. Each class is 5 hours and school days are Monday- thrusday. Each class is 4 weeks long.

Now finally I am in the last week of class, 10 more hours to suffer through and then I will be done! I will extern for a medical coding company fro 80 hrs for the next two following weeks and as long as I get a passing grade on that I will have successfully “graduated” from school, however graduation ceremony isn’t until September and I don’t believe I will be attending that.

But anyway that was my small announcement about finishing school. it only took me 2 years and 1 failed attempt at college to actually go back and finish!

I am making a “senior shirt” (which is actually gonna be a hoody) while I’m on extern which is gonna kinda match my high school hoody. I’ll post those once I finished.


Next Post: Planning a Romantic and Fun weekend vacation! Beware San Antonio!



Lots of Love (LOL)


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