Things I’ve Thought of Today

So today turned out fine until I had to meet a behaviorist at my son’s daycare to discuss his impersonation of a wrestler (he’s 3 1/2 and never watched wrestling!) I held it together pretty way until my mother decided to blame my father’s side of the family for anxiety knowing full well that it’s both sides and that me and my sister suffer from anxiety disorders in which case he may have now. Anyway, besides that today is my last day at “college” and since I don’t think I have enough content at this time to make a real full post here are just some things that are buzzing through my head.

  • I never liked or trusted the idea of at-home daycares but maybe that’s exactly what my kid needs since the director of the daycare inspects at-home daycares in the area.
  • Why can’t Glee ever do the full version of songs on their CDs? (or maybe I just don’t see them).
  • I thought I was okay with the way my scars on my legs looked until I tried on my new bathing suite…. I look like swiss cheese!!!
  • Why is it on girl’s night out with my best friend we seem so unapproachable?!
  • Jillian Michael’s “Kick Abs” workout is awesome! I only do have of the beginner’s moves and I can totally get toned within 3 months……maybe
  • I wish there was a website I could go to rate radio commercials cause some of Sonic’s are hilarious and I would love to tell them that!
  • Pinterest is the devil and I love it!
  • If your pinkie toe is meant to help you keep your balance then why are high heeled shoes so tight and why do women have their pinkie toes surgically removed?!
  • I wonder if this post is even entertaining enough….
  • What would be a good contest and giveaway prize?
  • Why does the idea of doing holiday parties and games look appealing but when you actually try to do it or say it it’s dumb?
  • Why can’t I find any normal length cargo pants?! Seriously, if I wanted capris then I would fucking buy them, fuck off ankles!!
  • Me and my husband are going a memorial weekend vacation without our kid and I refuse to feel bad about it!
  • Why can’t me and my family like each other like the people in movies do?

I think I’ll stop there lol. Maybe next I’ll do a “Favorite Glee Song” list with links!!!! If you have ideas for lists let me know and I can totally post it or share it on my blog for others :).

Catch Ya Later Alligator (no mom!),




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