“What’s Up?” Not An Excuse!!!!

So I haven’t written anything for the past few days because I have been focusing on planning this trip I’m taking because I really fucking need a break from my so-called-friends (except my best friend for the past 10yrs LOVE HER!). Anyway, I left me phone in my office room so I could watch anime and make dinner, by 10pm I get my phone and see that that fucking weasel who broke my heart had texted….AFTER 3 WEEKS OF IGNORING ME after his girlfriend chewed me out!


Me and my best friend had discussed what to do in this situation. I wanted to text him a few days ago and say “If we aren’t talking anymore, then I hope you don’t mind if I delete your number.”, however she wanted me to wait until he texted (which I had been doing for 2 weeks already) and to pretend like I didn’t know who he was. (*Guys, yes sometimes women are scornful and play games to fuck you with, we are setting you up for failure but only to convey how hurt we are….or we could just be bitches, ya never know.)

Now normally if I get angry with this guy (which is all the time) I ask to speak with him and then I let out all my frustration and explain to him how whatever he did made me feel. I am more communicative with him than my significant other. But I don’t like playing games however, at this point he can go fuck himself.

So what were his first choice words he decided to use to get back into my life?: “What’s up”   that’s it?! You let your girlfriend chew me out of my birthday and then don’t speak to me for 3 weeks just to come back and say that?! What a Loser.

so, after discussing it with my BFF I decided to play the pretend card, my response? “Who is this?” Naturally he’s already passed out but this morning sure enough he texted back his name so now I’m playing the waiting game to figure out what to do next. This game won’t go on much longer but I really want to get my point across.



Don’t Text Me You Loser,

Queen Bitch


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