Crafty Critter ~~~~


I have been painting for almost a week straight. Hit up the local Hobby Lobby and bought a few packs of canvases. So here is what I have been doing!!!!


This was my Fairy Tail 8×10 canvas painting of my fave couple Gajeel x Levy This took me two days. (more like 1 1/2). And I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!

After Finishing this painting I automatically started on the copy of a poster for my husband. It took me hours to do because I have to crop the pic into 7 sections, enlarge each section and then layer and tape the pic into place and then trace and paint each section individually…. took me Sun (night)- Mmondaynight. Felt like 3 days really.

Gurren Lagann This is a copy of a Gurren Lagann poster. It was painted on a 16×20 Canvas….I hate all the work I had to go through to make it. I did the background first and I know how hard it is to paint over paint so I tried to lightly sand it down like I’ve read and it didn’t help at all. In total I have to put 3-4 layers of paint on the figure itself to make it dark/bright enough to show over the blue background. UGH!!!!! Never again!!!!! lol

And then tonight, I took a small amount of time to make a Doctor Who message bottle, although I am not technically done, I really wanted to show it off.

Okay I’m gonna tel you the way I did this.


Ceramic milk bottle, (or any glassware or ceramic item)


Pencil or charcoal stick (pencil is fine is you’re spontaneous like me or just really cheap)

Glass Pen *you can find class pens at Hobby Lobby where the stencils are, if I could remember what else is on that aisle I would tell you but I can’t remember, but it is NOT IN THE PAINT AISLE*

** I bought the paint marker months ago and it wasn’t until tonight I realized that I bought a medium tip, I would recommend buying both a fine and medium tip of the same color at a time, otherwise you’re going to be at a disadvantage like I was.**

Step #1

  • Find your image online,(I suggest something simple since you are not using a real stencil). size it to fit on your glassware, cutting off most of the paper but enough to tape it down.
  • Flip your design over and take your pencil or charcoal stick and rub it over the back of the design, for pencil I would press lightly but make sure there is a thick coat of graphite over the paper.
  • Tape the paper to the glassware with the design facing you and the graphite/charcoal against the glass.
  • take your pencil or a pen and trace heavily over the outline of the design, do this a few times to make sure it transfers over. You can always lift one side of the paper as long as it is still partly taped to the glass and add more graphite/charcoal.
  • Lift the paper off the glass and get your glass pens ready!
  • Make sure that you have shaken your pens and pressed the tip down on scrap paper as the directions say to do, the tip & paint dry quickly so make sure to shake regularly and to always put the cap back on the pen to preserve the paint and tip quality.
  • *There is no need to press hard on the glass since the paint does not flow out freely, if you have a hard time making straight lines and you want to cover up uneven lines rub the pen back and forth lightly to merge the lines or even it out.*
  • Let paint dry for a few minutes and replace the caps back on the pens and store them as directed.



In the words of River Song “Hello Sweetie”


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