Not Taking Your Shit

I’m done with you evil fucking Devil-Woman!!!!!!

My mother has this bad habit of reminding me that I am worthless and I am less than human, practically dirt. I am capable of nothing and I do everything wrong. And when I “get an attitude” (a.k.a. point out that she was wrong ) I just need to leave.

She can’t take what she dishes out to others. I watched her struggle and throw a mini hissy-fit today, when she gave up I took action and fixed the problem within a minute (more or less) and I told her what she had done wrong (nicely) and she proceeded to bitch at me about how it wasn’t her fault that the instructions were unclear or that it didn’t do what she wanted it to do when she did it and BLAH BLAH BLAH.Own up to your fucking mistakes, it wasn’t her fault, you were on call with them the whole time. FUCKING ASK QUESTIONS WHEN YOU NEED HELP! Don’t just sit there and bitch about how the computer is being stupid. The computer is only as good as the user. But when I sigh because I couldn’t log into her account. “Just move over, you can’t do anything right when you get an attitude” is the shit she spits in my face. So I pointed out (not so nicely) that she was the same way earlier today she freaks out and yells about how she wasn’t wrong and that if I want to keep doing what I was doing I need to shut the fuck up.


I really don’t need that kind of shit in my life, yes I needed the job and experience, but I don’t fucking need that kind of………….I don’t even know the word for it, but I sure as hell don’t need it.

Stop being a condescending bitch, get over yourself, and stop acting like you are superior. I am tired of it and YOU  are going to be the reason why you never see your grandchild again. I hope you fucking realize when its too late that you were a terrible mother and teacher to both of your children….Just like your mother is too you even now.


Got fuck yourself.


-The Daughter we both wish you didn’t have.


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