If I knew Then What I Know Now

So last night after a very rough first night at work (a.k.a my mom’s house). I couldn’t sleep, I had 5-6 hours before I had to get back up and go back to work and I could not fucking sleep. Instead a thought kept nagging at me. If I knew what I know now when I was younger what would I do? So I decided to make a list.

Lets pretend this started when I was 7, I wake up one day known I am mentally 23 and physically 7.

  • Fix my awful grades.
  • trade my toys for books.
  • Change my social status at school….yes I know I’m in elementary school but those were the worst years for me.
  • Switch glasses for contacts (if they had them) and wear my hair different

**yes I know these are conceded thoughts but really, I have 15years to share my wisdom.

  • Get into sports.
  • Keep my mom from having me diagnosed with anxiety & depression (that shit weighs alot on a kid’s mind)
  • Help my family be decent people and stop them from turning out to be bitches and jerk.
  • (if I remember to look it up before I wake up as a child) Help my parents’ investments.

fast forward to 12-13yr old me

  • Warn my father to get out of the army asap before 2001 happens (as much as I would like to prevent 911 I doubt anyone would believe me)
  • Warn my sister against a friend of hers…who eventually I date and have a child with. (yes this forever ruins my chances of having my son).
  • Look up my husband’s address at that time and write a letter to his mother telling her to get herself checked for cancer and that is she becomes terminal not to adopt so many kids while she’s dying and that if she dies her husband will beat my husband (her child). 
  • I would also start learning new skills, I would learn new languages as well as start writing since it is truely what I wanted to do with my life.



What would you do if you woke up tomorrow in the past? If you knew everything you know now as a child how would you realistically help change the world or your family and your life? List 5 things and let’s see how it goes.


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