The Tale Of My Cleaning Supplies

Last night I couldn’t stop obsessing over what I should do today since i didn’t have to go to work. Obviously my house is a wreck so I should clean, but not just dishes and clothes cause that still makes the house dirty and very boring. So I hopped out of bed and ran to my supplier for ides, Pinterest.

I looked up cleaning house ideas and I found tons of tips and tricks for frugal people and ways to reuse things to clean. So after pinning lists and individual ideas I decided to make my own cleaning list. I made, in fact, two lists! One list describing what needed to be done in each room i.e.:


  • put away and organize
  • clean up trash off floor and desks
  • Dust desks, windows, shelves, and elliptical
  • Vacuum

then my second list was the order in which I would do everything, I usually perfer to work from the bedrooms down to the living room and kitchen which is the first room of the house and the bedroom and office are the last. However in order to clean the office and bedroom I have to remove all clothes and dishes (There are dished everywhere in this house!) so I have to obviously do laundry and dishes and clean the rooms at the same time i.e.:

plan of action:

  • gather all sheets and blankets and wash
  • vacuum all mattresses
  • put all clean clothes in laundry room in bedroom and fold and sort (keep, giveaway)
  • wash dishes from all the other rooms first, then wash the ones in the sink
  • clean microwave
  • clean and organize counter
  • clean stove top, over door, inside oven
  • ect., ect.

However even as I have a step by step of how I should do things in the order I like, I still went off the beaten path and changed it up. So far this afternoon I have:

  • given the dogs a bath
  • rinsed out the tub and sprayed my favorite homemade cleaning solution to disinfect and get rid of the nasty rings *I still need the clean out the solution
  • washed the washing machine
  • vacuumed the dryer lent area but not the hose (I would probably catch it on fire if I did that.)
  • Taken all the trash out of the bathroom around the toliet
  • put cleaning solution in the toliet, made a homemade disinfectant & de-orderizer paste and rubbed it all over the toliet bottom, floor, walls around the toliet that are stained, and the cabinet (this helps when you live with boys!) *I still need to spray and wipe down the paste 
  • I have vacuumed the walls in the laundry room
  • vacuumed the walls in the bathroom, sine our walls are tan and the room is the size of a closet my hair is stuck to the walls everywhere, plus again there are the pee stains around the toilet all over the walls.
  • ate pizza
  • wrote a post after realizing I am the worst blogger on Earth lol

If you go to pinterest and search for cleaning house tips and ideas, most of the individual ideas have been smashed together into lists, most lists have the same stuff in them and you have to go through source after source trying to find the instructions. I would really like to post what I used and how I did it, I’ll even put up my own pictures, and I will list the instructions plus give the credit that is due to the source but still, that is totally up to you guys.

Have a squeaky clean Monday!


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