The Pack Journal: Intro


I have been obsessed with dog training lately. I absolutely love my three boys and they are my wonderful angels. I want to start documenting our lives together. Right now I have three amazing dogs.

Grayson is my majestic ( yes I said he is a Majestic Prince). I really do think of this boy as a prince, I meant look at the way he stands! He is a German Shepard/ Lab mix, he was a rescue and our first dog a few months after me and my husband got married and me and my 1 year old son. We got him into training very early and he was perfect. He loves playing hide-and-seek, going for walks, and car rides. He is my spoiled boy who loves people and cuddeling. He is NOT the Alpha in our pack, to him I am Alpha, he doesn’t ahve a domestic bone in his body and I am excited to get him back into training so he can hopefully be a therapy dog.




This is Wrex. He just turned a year old this April. He is a Schnauzer/ miniture pincher mix. He was adopted at 5 weeks old, he was the only one in his litter who had the schnauzer traits and coat. We learned a very important lesson with Wrex, NEVER adopt a dog while it is sleeping. We tried to wake him and his litter-mates up so that we could get an idea of what he would be like. He is constantly crying over being left behind in the backyard, being put in his crate, if Grayson gets attention, pretty much over anything that isn’t him. He is the type of breed to dig and he is good at it. He has ruined my patio and causes our new pup to fall in large holes. He is great in agility and I hope to get him into actual agility work. He was a bully and dominating Grayson before we got him fixed earlier this year, now he has calmed down, besides the digging.

And last but not least our new baby. Grunt.

DSCN1213Grunt is a purebred English Bulldog bred for pet quality. He was born December 29, 2014. He came to live with us on valentine’s day. right now he is 13-14 weeks and at his last weight in he was 12lbs. He is the highlight of my husband’s life. He was a gift to my husband who has always wanted a bully. Grunt is a delight, so far we haven’t had any issues besides constant play fighting with Wrex and puppy potty accidents. He hasn’t been fixed yet. We were originally going bred him for love but the behavior of unaltered bullies is not something I want in my house. Plus NEVER BRED A DOG IF IT DOES NOT BENEFIT THE BREED!

Thanks for reading this probably very boring intro about my boys. Like and comment if you want to get to know more about these breeds or if you have anything you want to add.


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