The Pack Journal: Safe Bulldog

Grunt is 15 weeks old this week and I believe he weights about 20 pounds, He has a doctor’s appointment so we’ll see if I’m right. We have had health and safety issues with Grunt since we got him. The first problem is that he has an obstruction in his nose and it couldn’t breath out of it, after a month it looks like its growing out on its own so we may not have to have surgery when he’s older. After a few weeks with us we had given him a slim simple bone to chew on to help him with his teething, he swalllowed it whole and we had to pull it out of his mouth and throw it away, I talked to his breeder that night and she said that it is just something bulldogs do.


  • If a bulldog thinks it can eat something without fully chewing it (like a bone) then he will swallow if because they don’t feel pain in their throats but they can still gag.

Last night was one of the rare nights that Grunt has kept us awake. He had been making this weird noise and gagging since that evening and I wasn’t sure why, it didn’t seem like Backward Sneeze since he wasn’t sneezing, but I blew into his nose several times and it didn’t help. Then I thought that maybe he has Kennel Cough and I looked for videos on youtube of dogs having kennel cough because it can sound different but I am still not 100% sure that is what he has even though he was very sleepy and sluggish yesterday and that just isn’t how he normally is.

After throwing up in his bed and then peeing directly onto the floor (the kennel tray was covered in vomit) I found the main reason he was gagging. He had eaten part of one of his favorite toys, it was a wad of string that had been tied to the end of a plastic bone and he had swallowed the wad of string whole but even after ruining both of his beds he was still making the weird cough and gag sound so I googled rememdies for Kennel Cough and besides going to the vet and getting medication, there were suggestions of giving children’s cough medicine which I would never recommend unless you talk to your vet about it, there are some human medications that you can give dogs but always check with your vet.

At Home Remedy For Respiratory Issue

  • Sit with you dog in the bathroom while the shower is on and the room is steamy. No time recommendations at this time.

I only sat with him in the bathroom for maybe 10 minutes before the water ran cold but it has done great for him, he is coughing and gagging less and he is back to destroying my house and chewing on everything. I am still keeping him away from the other boys just in case because Kennel Cough is contagious and if you dog has it you need to isolate them from other dogs.


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