Crafty Critter #2~~~Christmas Edition

It seems I get a lot more views and likes if I post my artsy stuff. So first I’m going to post all my Christmas paintings from last year:

These are all, but two, that I painted for Christmas, the very ugly Bethlehem one was a water color and I personally think it turned out awful but my mother is gracious enough to accept it as her Christmas present from 2013. This year she got a coffee cup painting which I will upload later.

  • The Rapunzel one was for my sister, it was also water-color and it came out perfect except for the eyes, she looks like an alien! I have been putting off painting her eyes over with white acrylic paint and then go back over it with some color which will also be acrylic.
  • The green Christmas word tree was for my home, I used a sponge and it was my first attempt. I did a much better one for my sister were I just blended in the background and used gold metallic paint.
  • For the snowman I used the lib of a pot, which I realized the original picture was supposed to be of the snowman’s head reaching from the top and bottom corner, to cover up the bottom of his head I made the scarf which I love to do, the dots of snow were made with a tool used for making dots and writing, it did not come out very well, the middle of the dots are very thin and my snowflake is very bulky and only looks good from a distance.
  • Don’t even get me started on that Christmas Tree garnish. It looked cute online but I shouldn’t have used a checkered background. Luckily I spilled spaghetti sauce on it and tossed it in the trash.

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