Crafty Critter #3~~~

I found a cool picture of Alice sitting on a mushroom, unfortunately it didn’t come out the way I wanted.

10665139_10204937826269342_4115685710635127252_n and for some reason I never took a photo of it completely done. the tops of the mushrooms and the blade of grass were not finished, My sister still liked it and is hangs on her wall with the rest of her Disney collection I have painted for her. This was done in 2014.

A few weeks ago my phone broke and I had to send it back to Samsung where they rebuilt my Galaxy S5 from scratch. Since I couldn’t take pictures of my dogs for awhile I decided to sketch a old photo of my oldest boy and carry it around with me and claim “This is how I take pictures when I don’t have a phone.” The responses have been wonderful.

1962839_10206691232583404_7739586647292732667_n 10414877_10206728001742610_1361557353661287944_n

You can see a picture of Grayson in the Pack Journal #1. I did use a paper towel for the shading, I have special tissues so I didn’t want to use them and transfer any oil that was in the paper. My Prince is so handsome and Majestic.

And last, I was trying to find something popular to paint so I can use up the last 4 16×20 canvases and I figured I would do another Alice because I love Alice and I couldn’t find a decent Hatter, I wanted something sellable or at least something my sister would take.

11204659_10206875296784894_999478380_o this would actually look really cool as a tattoo, if I have added the bow into the outline.

11204717_10206875293344808_626641768_o This is alice completed. The picture came out a little darker than I wanted but the result is very similar to the original picture. I used “sky blue” for the background and the eyes which I later went back over with a thin layer of white. I messed up on the hair a little, plain yellow was to bright so I tried to town it down with a fleshy tone which you can see at the top of her head. I had a hard time keeping the color consistent as I made up more and more paint for her hair and it ended up becoming the right shade which is much lighter. I used more fleshy tones for the hair shading. I used a lot of white to get get the flesh tone for her face which is supposed to be very pale, it came out perfect, however the shadow shade I made was too dark in contrast so I went back over it with a thin layer of white and it came out perfect.

Originally I was planning on selling the 16×20 Alice headshot in my next garage sale, $10 for any 16×20 canvases and $5 for smaller ones and $3 for the little ones. I want to do more Disney ones, Big Hero Six, 101 Dalmatians, Disney Princesses, Cars, Toy Story, and some to go with a nursery theme, which they do have more Disney themes now. I also have a friend who asked for a Green Power Ranger painting, I’m going to try and make it with metallic paint if I can find a clear metallic to go with black and green.


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